"Just a short word to tell you how much we ADORE Phil ... He is now 8.3 lbs. and chewing on his rawhide at my feet in my office. We are so lucky to have him ! I was sad & happy at the same time that all the puppies are sold. I told Doug we should get Tutsy too but with being sick I was too slow, so, I am sad that she is spoken for but happy that you found new homes for all the little ones. Everyone is wild about Phil, he is such a great little guy, Doug is so head over heels in love!"

Rachel & Doug

"Hello Dennis and Tatiana. I just wanted to say thanks to both of you for the opportunity to produce a litter with Nobel as the sire. It is difficult to find breeders as committed as yourselves. We did not know what to expect when timing of collection and shipping came into play, but you came thru. I got the real impression you wanted this litter produced as much as I did. All the puppies are doing fantastic. They are developing very distinct personalities, and they keep Sheila and myself smiling every time we handle them. I am finding it difficult in selecting the one that stays here; I guess I will have to give it a bit more time for my final decision. I will keep you posted on all the puppies’ growth and will forward maturing pics to you and Ingrus.net as they grow.

Anyway, I will sum this up by saying: Thanks - You did more than just create a litter, you became my friends. If you ever want a reference in regards to your stud service, just let me know. You can also provide my contact info to anyone serious in using Nobel as a stud. I would be more than happy to help you with promoting him and your service. Bye for now and I will keep in touch."

Kevin Duquette, Manitoba, Canada

"Hey Dennis,

Hope things are going well. Just wanted to let you know that the Frenchie is doing very well. She’s got a huge personality and is spoiled beyond belief by my daughter."

Robert J. Varto