We offer artificial insemination stud services to approved French Bulldog females. Stud service fee is $1000.00, which includes one insemination shipment for one female. The second and or third semen AI’s are free for the semen but cost 175.00 for the shipment. Just let us know when your female is starting to go into heat, so we do not over book the male. Please read the contract: here : We may also consider 2nd pick and half of stud fee if bitch’s pedigree merits it.


  First Option : Bring Your Female To Us…..

We Handle the Collecting and Inserting of the Fresh Semen (Our veterinarian will do this). Price For This Service Is $1200.00, which Includes Up To Three Artificial Inseminations; Additional AI If Needed Is $100.00/each.

How This Works, You Would Bring Your Female To Us For Her First AI When You Think She Is Ready. It Usually Falls Around The 9th Day After The First Day Of Bleeding, But Can Vary. Since The Semen Lives In The Female For 48 Hours You Will Want To Repeat This Process Every Other Day For The Remaining Two AI’s To Make Sure All Her Fertile Days Are Covered. NOTE: We Do NOT Board The Female So You Will Need To Bring The Female Each Time For The AI. During The Female’s Fertile Days You Should Also See Signs From The Female That Tells You She Is Ready To Breed. Some Females Do not Show Any Signs. If thishappens, we recommend Havinga Progesterone Test Done So You Know Her Exact Day. You should do this anyway.

  Second Option : Fresh Chilled Semen Is Shipped Directly To You Or Your Vet

This Is A Process That Allows Us To Share Our Stud With Those Whom Are Not In The Same Location. It Is A Rather Simple Process And Is A Great Way For Us To Provide Semen To Breeders Anywhere In The USA. Price For This Service Is $1000.00 Plus $175.00 For Express Shipping And The Extender Kit (Shipping Prices Can Vary Depending On The Region). If Semen Is Required For A Saturday Delivery There Will Be An Additional Charge Since Saturday Is A Premium Shipping Day. If A Second Or Third Shipment Is Required There Will Be No Charge For The Semen But You Will Be Required To Pay $175.00 For The Express Shipping And Extender Kit For Each Shipment.

If We Are Shipping Semen To You Or Your Vet And You Are Only Receiving One Shipment Then You Will Want To Be Sure To Have The Semen Inserted In Your Bitch ON Her Prime Day. We Recommend Taking Your Bitch To Your Vet On Her Fifth Day From The First Day You Notice Bleeding For A Progesterone Test. This Is The Most Accurate Of Tests And Can Narrow It Down To The Exact Day Of Your Bitch’s Prime. Taking Your Bitch For A Progesterone Test On The Fifth Day Will Cover You In Case You May Have Missed The First Or Second Day Of Her Bleeding. It Also Gives You A Day For The Test To Come Back, So It Would Cover All Your Bases For Being Too Late.

  Third Option :

We can ship to you frozen semen. However, there is a $400.00 fee attached to this service plus shipping. It does guarantee though that the semen will be there when your bitch is ready.

  The Success Ratio For Live Semen Is 87 – 92%

We Require At Least A Week Advance Notice If You Would Like Us To Ship Semen To You Or Your Vet (It’s Best To Notify Us When Your Female First Comes Into Heat). We Need Time To Order And Receive Our Supplies Before We Can Ship. You Will Then Notify Us A Second Time When Your Female Is Almost Ready To Let Us Know The Exact Day You Will Need The Semen.


  Motility of the semen sample always should be checked prior to insemination

  Motility analysis should always be performed on samples warmed to 37C (chilled sperm can appear non-motile or sluggish until warmed)

   Gently invert the sample tube several times to mix

   Using a pipette, place a drop of semen on a pre-warmed microscope slide and cover with a pre-warmed cover slip

   If available, keep the slide on a slide warmer or a heated microscope stage for a few minutes before checking the motility under the microscope

   If your veterinarian does not approve of the semen quality, do not inseminate the female (see breeding contract above for more information)

   We always use a veterinarian for collection and shipment. Part of the process is that the veterinarian can check the motility and concentration of sperm from the dog. It is important to know that the semen has been checked by a qualified individual at our end.